Thursday, August 28, 2008

Medical Woes

I have decided to stop smoking marijuana. I know I sound like a stoner when I say it, and I still feel weird even mentioning it, but dammit I love weed. It makes me feel more at peace and chill than my medication EVER has. In the state of Washington, depression isn't a viable illness to use medical marijuana. Which probably is a good thing because: A) I smoke WAY too much in for the first place, and B) I'm going to really start working on getting into college, and working on my portfolio, and C) It's way healthier for me.

I plan to just keep along this path for a few months until HOPEFULLY, I've had my mom paid off the $460 I owe her, my good friend Benny and I will find a cheap apartment or little house and then start smoking again. I'm tired of hanging out with kids that are 3-5 years younger and 5-10 years stupider. I'm assuming this process will take 2 months, so... *fingers crossed*

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