Sunday, August 31, 2008

What happened to individuality?

While I was at work today, a mom came in with her two twin sons, who were about 10 years old. For about 20 minutes and they persisted to ask me question after question like "Why don't you have DC and Hurley in the flat ones?" "Is that corn?" "Why is that a fish?" Normal (I guess) questions young children ask for no apparent reason other than they don't understand. But that aside, these kids, all they cared about was what other people were wearing and if they looked cool. One of the twins, the one wearing a yellow shirt, was checking himself out in the mirror for like 10 minutes, switching between hats and throwing them on the ground when he was done with them. The mother, who was overweight to say the least, didn't seem to mind this one bit.

Shortly after the father comes in, the boys head towards the counter and THROW their hats in my general direction and land almost off the table where I ring things up. The dad doesn't really say anything either and the boys just stare at me with the stupidest expressions on their faces I think I have ever seen.

It saddens me that the next generation is already getting sucked into the corporate game and the rat race of 'who looks better in what and what's the new style that everyone is wearing'. It makes me sick. No one stands up for their own beliefs anymore. Corporate companies are just running a train on the American people.

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